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3-Month Summer Outdoor Education

Volunteer Internship

Internship in Germany at summer camp.JPG

Welcome to an exciting 3-month long Volunteer Internship program where you will find an ultimate life changing experience in the Europe: living, learning and coexisting in a very international environment at a fabulous natural setting, close to the thriving city of Hamburg. During your 3-months Outdoor Education Internship program you will have the opportunity to pump up your outdoor skills by getting loads of training sessions, instruction dynamics, and leadership skills development. Camp Europe is committed to offer you, the chance to embark into an experiential learning process during which you will grow as a human being in many aspects. 

This invaluable Outdoor Education Internship program will foster your professional development as you will be trained and certified by a well-reputed European Outdoor Education Academy. You will obtain a world-validated certificate. Our intensive training sessions focus on developing a wide array of soft and hard skills, aimed at fostering specific outdoor educational profiles.

If you are 21+ years old and looking for an amazing program in Europe, you just have found the perfect place. So, feel free to explore all the information provided further down in this page, and if you decide this is something you are up for, go ahead and submit your on line application form. We will be glad to receiving it, evaluating it and processing it, in order to assist you with all that is needed for you to become part of our 3-Month Outdoor Education Internship.

All in all, you will get a professional 3-month internship, divided in diverse sessions through which you will also be able to put into practice your recently acquired skills, by performing in real life, with children / youth, as a camp counselor, a group leader or a program area director. You will lead activities for youth and teens, including, but not limited to; rock climbing, canoeing, mountain biking, hiking, camping, orienteering, group initiatives and a high ropes course experience. You will be in charge of providing a safe and nurturing environment for our summer participants. This experience, without a doubt, will launch yourself into the world in the right direction, full of motivation and well trained.

Every year, we are proud to receive hundreds of gratitude letters from former participants who claim to have learnt much more than what initially expected. That is why we are proud to do what we do.

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