Team Coordinator

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We are of the opinion that good leaders are essential to make any camp program succeed. We believe that good leaders know how to inspire others: they understand the community’s needs and know how to provide a sense of liberty to others, so everyone gets equal chances to experience team spirit and also gets some quality 'offline' time.

The fact that we train our own leaders is very characteristic for Camp Europe’s coordinators team. Every summer our human resources department identifies staff members who excel with an extraordinary performance. In fall we invite all those potential leaders to come back and join our coordinators team.


Camp Counselor volunteer work in Europe.

The application process was smooth, clear and straight forward. The training was lots of fun. I really enjoyed the international atmosphere and the constant contact with nature. My placement was full of magic moments. I really connected with my campers. No doubt a great experience!

George Harper -Canada

Timing & Progression

A typical career of a camp coordinator can look like this:
- 1st year: successful placement as a camp counsellor delivering an extraordinary performance
- 2nd year: placement as leadership director, CIT coordinator, camp director assistant or camp director of smaller camp programs with 20 to 80 campers
- 3rd year: camp coordinator with expanded competence of big camp programs with 200+ campers.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Besides this, Camp Europe offers the following possibilities:
- Full insight into an organisation that deals with experiential learning and outdoor summer camps
- Level of responsibility in our coordinators program will be increased steadily
- Management training within our training program
- Member of our team of instructors, organizing trainings for up to 150 people
- First Aid Instructor licence according to „Emergency First Response“ guidelines
- High Ropes instructor licence according to “ERCA” standards
- Bronze or Silver life saver’s licence
- Critical Incident Stress Management Basic and Individual Crisis Intervention Training
- Benefit from our worldwide camp network and get access to partner programs in Australia, Canada and many more.


Before the start of the summer season, our coordinators receive a proper leadership training which is led by Camp Adventure Academy’s mentors. Due to personal plans some leaders can only stay for a season. However, our coordinators program focuses on delivering multi-annual mentorship to those leaders who are eager to develop within our organisation. It is of our utmost interest to foster the leadership skills and the overall deployment of our long-term camp coordinators. Certainly, the role model function requires personal attributes such as resilience, open-mindedness, an extended sense of responsibility and moreover a reasonable level of intrinsic motivation. And yes, we are fully aware of the fact that an effective training and development process takes some time and can last several years. Nevertheless our mentors are more than happy to offer their guidance throughout the whole program

Apply for a Team Coordinator position.

If you are interested in joining our coordinators team do not hesitate to get in touch with our human resources managers, already during your placement in our summer camps.