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Volunteer Work in Europe as a Summer Camp Counselor

School Groups

Our programs include modern pedagogical-experiential education contents and lots of adventure, which fortifies group cohesion, develops tight relationships amongst students and boosts their self-esteem and confidence.We provide school or sport group trips year round. All our activities are based under the premise of “challenge by choice”

Through constant motivation, encouragement and creativity our staff ensures the group will enjoy, learn and appreciate the experience to its limits. Our standard one or two weeks program include games, competitions, hikes, night activities, campfires, team building activities, music, sightseeing excursions and a survival training day which includes an overnight stay in the forest.

Tailor-made school trips, adventure holidays and summer camps for groups of 20+ students.

Community trips are an important component of any student’s life.

  • These kind of experiences motivate students to care about others, to improve their self confidence.

  • Also they are a great opportunity to get out of the comfort zone, out of the usual social environment.

  • Definitively, our school groups /sport teams trips, portray adventure holidays that become an unforgettable experience for kids and youth.

  • All our school trips are characterized by very specific profiles and focused on different subjects.


      • All students of a grade are encouraged to form a team and learn that developing personal growth is mainly possible because of a clear understanding of their own and others strengths and weaknesses. Throughout the five days program, students have the great chance to acquire new and useful skills. Furthermore, a great exploration of the surrounding environment will give them a different and better understanding of nature.​


      • On request, we offer specialized “German culture” day trips. All these excursions foster the student’s interest into contemporary culture through a hands-on approach and a avant-garde playful discovery program where the sightseeing trip becomes a urban navigation adventure and an inspiring way to learn and enjoy the wonders of German cities. With our GPS geocaching crew and equipment students learn in a completely interactive way.​

  • Fast Facts:​

    • The programs are always adapted to the age group of the students and take place in great locations around Germany and other carefully chosen destinations. We can run field trips in German or English​.

    • We are not a typical school trip provider that offers program just a couple of hours during the day time. Our school trips are like our summer camps: we provide students with a 24 hour program.

    • Motivated students (and teachers as well) get the chance to be active before breakfast with our “early morning” program. During the day we have a huge variety of activities and sports and we finish our days with traditional campfires.

    • All this is done with a low staff-student ratio between 1:6 to 1:10, max.

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