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School Groups

Educational and Adventure Programs for School Groups

Our programs incorporate modern pedagogical-experiential education and plenty of adventure, fortifying group cohesion, fostering tight relationships among students, and boosting their self-esteem and confidence. We provide school and sport group trips year-round, all based on the principle of "challenge by choice."

Through constant motivation, encouragement, and creativity, our dedicated staff ensures that every group enjoys, learns, and appreciates the experience to its fullest. Our standard one or two-week programs include a variety of activities:

  • Games and Competitions

  • Hikes and Nature Walks

  • Night Activities and Campfires

  • Team Building Exercises

  • Music and Cultural Exploration

  • Sightseeing Excursions

  • Survival Training Day with an Overnight Forest Stay

These activities are designed to provide a comprehensive and engaging educational experience, promoting teamwork, resilience, and a deeper connection with nature.

Join us at Camp Europe for an unforgettable adventure that blends education, fun, and personal growth.

School Groups
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4th/5th Grade:

Team Building and Nature exploration

Students are encouraged to form teams and learn that personal growth comes from understanding their own and others' strengths and weaknesses. Throughout the five-day program, students acquire new and useful skills, and explore the surrounding environment to gain a better understanding of nature.

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This program is designed to challenge students with a variety of adventure activities that promote personal development and teamwork. Activities include rock climbing, canoeing, and problem-solving challenges that encourage students to work together, build resilience, and develop leadership skills.

6th/7th Grade:

Adventure and Personal Development

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8th/9th Grade:

Taking Care of Yourself and Others

On request, we offer specialized “German Culture” day trips. These excursions foster students' interest in contemporary culture through a hands-on approach and a playful discovery program. The sightseeing trip becomes an urban navigation adventure, where students learn and enjoy the wonders of German cities with our GPS geocaching crew and equipment.

Tailor-Made School Trips, Adventure Holidays, and Summer Camps for Groups of 20+ Students

Community trips are a crucial component of any student’s life, motivating them to care about others and improving their self-confidence. These experiences offer a great opportunity for students to step out of their comfort zones and usual social environments. Our school group and sport team trips provide adventure holidays that become unforgettable experiences for kids and youth.

All our school trips are characterized by specific profiles and focus on different subjects:

Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Edingburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh Award, founded in 1956 by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, is a prestigious global program designed to enhance youth development and community engagement. The program's four main components—Volunteering, Physical, Skills, and Expedition, plus an additional Residential Project for the Gold Award—equip participants with critical life skills, fostering leadership, resilience, and teamwork. By integrating the DofE Award into your school's curriculum, you not only support the holistic growth of your students but also elevate your institution's standing on the world stage, highlighting your commitment to excellence in education.

International schools particularly value the DofE Award for its focus on personal growth, leadership, and community service, perfectly aligning with their goals of providing a comprehensive and globally-minded education.

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Bronze Award

  - Expedition: 2 days/1 night.

Previous requirement

   - Volunteering: 3 months.
  - Physical: 3 months.
  - Skills: 3 months.

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Silver Award

  - Expedition: 3 days/2 nights.

Previous requirement

  - Volunteering: 6 months.
  - Physical: 6 months.
  - Skills: 6 months.

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Gold Award

Expedition: 4 days/3 nights.

  - Volunteering: 12 months.
  - Physical: 12 months.
  - Skills: 12 months.
  - Residential Project:

                                          5 days/4 nights.

What is the Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE)? - The DofE is a globally recognized youth development program that empowers students to engage in activities promoting personal growth, skills development, and community service. It aligns with our school's mission to foster well-rounded individuals.

How Much Time and Resources Are Required? - The program is adaptable to different schedules, and the time commitment is manageable. The investment in resources is justified by the long-term positive impact on students' personal and academic growth.

What are the Benefits for Students? - Students gain leadership skills, resilience, and a sense of social responsibility. Participation enhances their confidence, teamwork abilities, and self-reliance, contributing to their overall character development.

How Does the Program Enhance College and Career Readiness? - The DofE Award is highly regarded by colleges and employers globally. It showcases students' commitment to personal development, leadership, and community service, enhancing their competitiveness in college admissions and the job market.

How Does the Program Align with Our School's Curriculum? - The DofE program is flexible and can complement our existing curriculum. It promotes experiential learning, which has proven benefits in enhancing academic performance and providing a holistic education.

How Can Parents Be Involved? - Parents can play an active role in supporting their child's DofE journey. We will facilitate communication, provide resources for parents, and organize events to showcase the achievements of participating students.

What Impact Does the Program Have on School Reputation? - Offering the DofE program aligns us with a prestigious international initiative, contributing positively to our school's reputation. It demonstrates our commitment to providing students with opportunities for holistic development.

Is the DofE Program Recognized Internationally? - Yes, the DofE Award is recognized globally, opening doors for collaboration with international schools and providing students with opportunities for cross-cultural experiences. This aligns with our commitment to preparing students for a globalized world.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award, an esteemed global program established in 1956, offers an unparalleled opportunity for international schools to enhance their educational offerings and bolster their reputations. Integrating this program into the school curriculum significantly benefits students by developing leadership, teamwork, and self-reliance, while simultaneously fostering personal and social skills. For school directors, teachers, and parents, the DofE Award represents a commitment to excellence in holistic education, providing students with the confidence and resilience needed for future success.

For schools, the benefits of becoming an official Duke of Edinburgh Award center are multifaceted. The program supports a comprehensive student development approach, seamlessly integrating with existing academic programs. This enhanced curriculum not only adds prestige to the school's profile but also attracts prospective students and parents seeking a well-rounded education. Schools gain global recognition for their commitment to student development and community service, fostering positive relationships with local stakeholders and contributing to a vibrant, engaged community. Furthermore, the DofE Award reinforces the value of extracurricular activities, aligning with modern education paradigms that emphasize the importance of holistic student preparation for college and career readiness.

By joining the Duke of Edinburgh Award program, international schools become part of a prestigious global network, opening doors to international collaboration and opportunities for collaborative projects and exchanges. The connection with a prestigious alumni community further enhances the school's reputation, as alumni success stories contribute positively to the institution's standing. The long-term impact of the DofE Award is profound, equipping students with lifelong skills that positively influence their personal and professional endeavors. Moreover, schools committed to this program demonstrate a continuous improvement mindset, adapting to evolving educational standards and ensuring their students are well-prepared for the future. Embracing the Duke of Edinburgh Award is a strategic move that underscores a school's dedication to excellence and comprehensive student development.

Other type of  groups

Educational and Adventure Programs for Various Groups 

Our programs incorporate modern pedagogical-experiential education and plenty of adventure, fortifying group cohesion, fostering tight relationships among participants, and boosting their self-esteem and confidence. We provide customized trips year-round for sports teams, church groups, STEM enthusiasts, and more, all based on the principle of "challenge by choice."

Sports Team Groups

High-Performance Training and Team Cohesion

Our sports team programs are designed to enhance both individual skills and team dynamics through high-performance training and team-building activities. With a focus on sports-specific drills, fitness training, and competitive games, participants will improve their skills and build strong team bonds. Activities include:

  • Sport-Specific Drills and Training Sessions

  • Fitness and Conditioning Programs

  • Competitive Games and Tournaments

  • Obstacle Courses and Strategy Workshops

  • Team Building Exercises

  • Night Activities and Campfires

Through these activities, athletes will not only improve their performance but also develop teamwork, resilience, and leadership skills.

Support Groups

Fellowship Retreat - No Power to Drugs, Church, etc. 

Our programs aim to strengthen connections and foster a sense of community within groups. Activities include:

  • Workshops and Group Discussions

  • Hiking and Nature Exploration

  • Canoeing and Water Activities

  • Team Building Exercises

  • Night Activities and Campfires

These activities are designed to inspire a sense of service, compassion, and fellowship, making the retreat a memorable and enriching experience. 

STEM Groups

Science and Technology Exploration

Our STEM programs offer hands-on learning experiences that ignite a passion for science and technology. Participants will engage in interactive workshops, experiments, and projects that challenge their creativity and problem-solving skills. Activities include:

  • Environmental Science Experiments

  • Astronomy Nights and Stargazing

  • Problem-Solving Challenges and Competitions

  • Collaborative STEM Projects

  • Night Activities and Campfires

These activities promote critical thinking, innovation, and teamwork, providing a comprehensive STEM learning experience. 

Other Groups
Football Camp_Soccer Camp_International Camps Work at Camp Camp Counselor Camp Europe Camp

Sports Team Groups: High-Performance Training and Team Cohesion

Designed for sports teams, this program combines high-performance training with team-building activities to enhance both individual skills and team dynamics. Students will participate in sport-specific drills, fitness training, and competitive games, alongside activities such as obstacle courses and strategy workshops, all aimed at improving teamwork and communication.

Landscapes at Camp (52).jpg

This program is crafted to strengthen the fellowship within church groups. Activities include group discussions, workshops, and community service projects, as well as outdoor adventures like hiking and canoeing. The goal is to deepen the group's connection, build strong relationships, and inspire a sense of service.

Support Groups:

Fellowship Retreat

Action at Camp (116).jpg

STEM Groups: Science and Technology Exploration

Ideal for students interested in science and technology, this program offers hands-on learning experiences in various STEM fields. Activities include robotics workshops, environmental science experiments, and astronomy nights. Students will engage in problem-solving challenges and collaborative projects that ignite their passion for STEM subjects and enhance their critical thinking skills.

Fast Facts

  • Programs are adapted to the age group of the students and take place in great locations around Germany and other carefully chosen destinations.

  • Field trips can be conducted in German or English.

  • Unlike typical school trip providers, we offer a 24-hour program, similar to our summer camps.

  • Motivated students (and teachers) can participate in our “early morning” program before breakfast, enjoy a variety of activities and sports during the day, and end the day with traditional campfires.

  • We maintain a low staff-student ratio of 1:6 to 1:10, ensuring personalized attention and safety.


Join us at Camp Europe for a tailor-made school trip that blends education, adventure, and personal growth.

Fast facts

Sample Schedules

Sample Schedule
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Pricing and Packages
Contact us for detailed pricing information and customized quotes.
We offer competitive rates and discounts:

  • Early Bird Discount: Save when you book 6 months in advance.

  • Group Discount: Save 15% for groups of 30+ students.

We provide a detailed packing list for each program.
All meals are included and cater to dietary restrictions.

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Barcelona  - Spain 

Coming Soon - Spring 2025

  • BISC - Dorms

  • 24h Program

  • Sailing, Scuba, Multi Adventure, Skating

  • Excursions to Barcelona sights

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Enrollment process

Enrollment Process

  1. Contact us to discuss your needs.

  2. Receive a customized program proposal and quote.

  3. Complete the registration forms.

  4. Prepare for an unforgettable adventure!



At Camp Europe, the safety and well-being of our participants is our top priority. We adhere to rigorous safety protocols, have established emergency procedures, and employ highly qualified staff to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for all students.

Safety Protocols

  • Comprehensive Risk Assessments: Before any activity, a thorough risk assessment is conducted to identify and mitigate potential hazards.

  • Strict Supervision: All activities are supervised by experienced staff with a low staff-to-student ratio of 1:6 to 1:10, ensuring close monitoring and immediate assistance if needed.

  • Safety Gear: We provide all necessary safety gear for activities, including helmets, harnesses, life jackets, and first aid kits.

  • Health and Safety Briefings: Students receive detailed safety briefings before participating in any activity, including instructions on how to use equipment properly and safely.

Emergency Procedures

  • 24/7 On-Site Medical Support: A trained first responder is always present on-site to handle any medical emergencies. We also have established connections with local medical facilities for immediate support if necessary.

  • Emergency Action Plans: Clear and concise emergency action plans are in place for various scenarios, including injuries, severe weather, and evacuation procedures. All staff members are trained to implement these plans efficiently.

  • Communication Systems: We use reliable communication systems to ensure constant contact between groups and the base camp. In remote areas, satellite phones are available for emergency use.

Staff Qualifications

  • Certified Professionals: Our staff includes certified outdoor education specialists, lifeguards, and wilderness first responders. They undergo regular training to stay updated on the latest safety practices.

  • Background Checks: All staff members undergo thorough background checks and screenings to ensure they meet our high standards of safety and professionalism.

  • Continuous Training: Staff participate in continuous professional development, including first aid and CPR certification, advanced outdoor safety techniques, and child safeguarding training.

Parental and Educator Assurance

We understand that the trust of parents and educators is crucial. To provide peace of mind, we offer the following:

  • Pre-Trip Information Sessions: We conduct pre-trip information sessions for parents and educators to address any concerns and provide detailed information about our safety measures.

  • Open Communication: Parents and educators are encouraged to contact us with any questions or concerns. We are committed to transparency and are happy to provide additional information as needed.

  • Regular Updates: During the trip, we provide regular updates to parents and educators, keeping them informed about the group's activities and well-being.

Safety Info
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