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Volunteer Work Placements at Summer
Camps in Europe

Camp Europe is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the joy of international camp experiences to young adults and kids. Our volunteer positions in European Camps offer fantastic opportunities for you to connect with children and staff from over 30 nations.

When you join us, you'll enjoy full room and board, and some positions even come with stipends. We offer four types of placements to match the program's nature and duration. While most of our programs run for approximately 8 weeks during the summer months (from the end of June through July and until late August), we also provide longer-term options, including a 3-month Internship and a 6-month Outdoor Education Diploma.

All our Experiential Learning Programs come with comprehensive training sessions to prepare you for your role.

Explore the possibilities and choose the one that suits you best. We can't wait to receive your application and welcome you to our upcoming season's team!

Volunteer Work in Europe as a Summer Cam

International Outdoor Education Training

When you participate in any of Camp Europe's programs, you'll embark on an immersive International Outdoor Education Training. This intensive training equips you with a diverse range of skills and knowledge that you'll directly apply during your placement and carry with you throughout your life. 

Throughout this experience, you'll acquire valuable hard skills, foster the growth of essential soft skills, broaden your global perspective, and expand your personal criteria. It's a transformative journey that takes you out of your comfort zone and immerses you in a fantastic summer alongside extraordinary individuals from around the world.

Our intensive International Camp Counselor (ICC) training session is designed to enhance your personal skills, tailored to prepare you for your specific role within various camp program areas. You'll also receive specialized training sessions for these specific areas.

The International Camp Counselor Training covers a wide range of topics, from entertaining children and youth to effectively handling homesickness. It delves into legal aspects, presentation skills for addressing large groups, and counseling techniques for instructing various activities such as survival and team building. Our coaching team has prepared a comprehensive training package for you. All you need to bring is your fantastic, motivated vibe to kickstart the summer!

As an added bonus, you'll earn a Bronze Cross - Life Guard - Course & Certificate in addition to your ICC training.


Additionally, there's an optional 2-day First Aid course available.


In essence, you'll kickstart your journey with a comprehensive 7-day training session, significantly expanding your personal skillset. Here's what you can look forward to:

  • An exciting week filled with an enthusiastic community gathering in a forest setting, ready for outdoor adventures.

  • An opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and engage in experiential learning through educational and recreational activities, games, and group dynamics.

  • Vibrant camp life at our Walsrode campsite, where you'll forge friendships with other international participants for an unforgettable summer.

The camp-specific seminars are held directly at each campsite, providing an opportunity for you to meet the rest of the team and familiarize yourself with the premises.

Check out the amateur video below, created by Paige Seagall, one of our previous summer participants. (Ensure to turn on the speakers for some fresh German background music!)

Following that, take some time to watch the 14-minute documentary about Camp Europe's philosophy and approach to Outdoor Education and Experiential Learning.


Volunteer Work at Camp 

-Placement Programs Available- 

Camp Counselor
Language Coach

Camp Counselor

If you aspire to be a positive influence as a Camp Counselor in a natural, enjoyable, and enriching camp setting, if you yearn to immerse yourself in an international environment with a relaxed atmosphere, if you seek comprehensive training that you can immediately apply, and if you have an interest in picking up a new and diverse language, then our program is tailored for you. Welcome to Camp Europe!

• Be a role model in a natural, fun, and enriching camp environment
• Immerse yourself in an international atmosphere with a laid-back ambiance
• Intensive International Camp Counselor Training followed by hands-on placements
• Opportunity to learn / practice a new language
• Ultimate life-changing experience in Europe, mentoring children and youth

• 290 EUR deposit reimbursed upon 4-week placement completion
• Program runs from mid-June, July, and until late August
• Full room and board during training and placement
• Outdoor adventure specialist courses & certificates
• Pick-up Shuttle Service from Train station to training site
• Inter-Placement Transfers

Language Coach

If you're seeking a chance to teach English abroad in a natural, enjoyable, and enriching summer program setting, you've come to the right place at Camp Europe! We provide an international environment where you can gain experience in teaching, leading groups, facilitating activities, and employing entertaining techniques to help children and youth enhance their English language skills while enjoying a great deal of fun.

• Enhance your skills as a Language Coach in an international camp environment
• Comprehensive training and accommodations provided
• Inter-placement transfers

• Intensive International Camp Counselor Training
• Stipend-paid placements lasting 2 to 8 weeks
• Program operates in June, July, and August
• Full room and board provided during training and placements
• Specialized Language Coach courses
• First aid and CPR training included
• Pick up Shuttle Service from Train station to Training site
Inter-Placement Transfers

3-month Internship

Camp Europe presents an enriching 3-month internship opportunity, spanning from mid-June to mid-September, across various campsite locations in Germany, Ireland, England, and Italy. Interns experience a vibrant international environment, seamlessly blending work and learning.

Responsibilities encompass aiding in the setup of diverse summer camp programs and assuming roles as camp counselors or program area specialists. Following the peak season, interns participate in the campsite's takedown week and engage in general follow-up activities.

• Immerse yourself in an extensive 3-month internship experience
• Comprehensive training prepares you for a fulfilling role
• Opportunity to explore Europe during 2 weeks off
• Inter-placement transfers
• Weekly stipend provided for financial assistance

• Intensive International Camp Counselor Training
• Program runs from mid-June to mid-September
• Full room and board provided during training and placements
• Access to outdoor adventure specialist courses
• First aid and CPR training for added skills
• Pick-up Shuttle from Train station to training site
• Inter-placement transfers
• 290 Euros deposit reimbursed upon completing a 4-week placement
• Weekly stipend for financial support

6-month Outdoor Education Diploma

Camp Europe extends a 6-month Outdoor Education Program Specialist Diploma, granted by CA Academy and inclusive of High Ropes Course Instructor Certification. This immersive program spans from mid-March to mid-September and welcomes both German and international participants.

The academy's primary campsite is situated in northern Germany, serving as the epicenter for this unique educational experience. Diploma participants have the privilege of residing, learning, and working across various camp locations. Their responsibilities encompass orchestrating the preparations for the upcoming season, undertaking site maintenance, and taking on leadership roles as head staff for visiting school groups during the spring season.

• Embark on a comprehensive 6-month Outdoor Education journey
• Engage in a substantial 20-week placement to practice your skills
• Weekly stipend to support your financial needs

• Earn an Outdoor Education Diploma Course Certificate from CA Academy
• Obtain a High Ropes Course Certificate accredited by CA Academy
• Enjoy full room and board throughout the entire 6-month period
• Undergo intensive International Camp Counselor Training
• Gain First Aid and CPR Certifications for added skills
• Participate in a 20-week placement to apply your knowledge
• Receive a weekly stipend for financial support

Coordinators Team

Over the past 18 years, Camp Europe has offered an exceptional experience to over a thousand individuals, including Camp Counselors, Language Coaches, Outdoor Education Specialists, High Ropes Course Instructors, Leadership Coordinators, and Camp Directors.

Our Coordinator's Program holds a pivotal role within our organizational structure. Each year, we assemble a team of approximately 200 dedicated staff members. We take pride in curating a team composed of young and enthusiastic individuals who are committed to giving their best. They actively seek opportunities for personal growth through active learning and connections with people from diverse regions worldwide. This experience at our summer camps is designed to foster their positive development.

• Participate in intensive training as part of our Coordinator's Team
• Receive a weekly stipend of 250 EUR for financial support
• Explore different placements through inter-placement opportunities

• Intensive International Camp Coordinator Training
• Program spans May, June, July, August, and September
• Full room and board provided during training and placements
• Specialized Outdoor Leadership Coordinator courses
• Pick-up Shuttle from train station to training site
• Inter-placement transfers

Long story, short...

Our programs are designed to allow young people to travel to Europe, meet people from many different countries, to benefit from a top class Outdoor Education Intense training and get a few certifications along the way. Then, having met cool people and being pumped up by the training, you might find some time to do some traveling around Europe with your new international friends. Travel, enjoy and relax to then show up at your designated campsite to perform as a role model, spend time playing outdoors like a kid, experience working in a team-based environment, and have the time of your life.

  • Learn or practice a new language.

  • Meet people from all over the globe with like-minded interest.

  • Acquire teaching experience through a variety of stimulating, fun and safe activities for children and youth.

  • Mainly, there are 2 different placement positions available each summer:  Camp Counsellor & Language Coach.

  • Camp Europe participants receive an Official Certificate of Participation in an International Internship Program.

  • Camp Europe programs are most often bilingual; offered in English as well as in the native language of the host country.

  • Locations are concentrated mainly in Germany, England, Austria, N. Ireland, Spain.

Volunteer Work in Europe as a Summer Cam


Teach English at Camp in Europe.jpg


The Diplo program at Camp Europe was truly a unique and amazing experience for me. Despite the fact that Corona was shutting down other camps and businesses around the world, we were still able to live and complete our training in our little camp community tucked away in the farmland of Northern Germany. Camp really felt like home after a short time of being there, knowing we were guaranteed room and board and work even if the summer season was canceled, which thankfully it was not. The other diplos became family, and we all worked together so well. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to train and work abroad in a program where I learned so many different skills, experienced a new culture, and even learned a new language. I highly recommend the program!

Megan Wright - United States


Volunteer Work in Europe as a Summer Cam
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