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Language Coach

Welcome to the place where you will find an ultimate life changing experience in Europe, performing as an ESL Teacher & role model for children & youth at diverse wonderful summer camp locations. Camp Europe is committed to offer young motivated native english speakers the opportunity to embark into a teaching-learning experience during summer time, by providing them the means to develop their teaching skills and extend their international work experience at the same time that they can explore the wonders of Europe and meet like-minded people from all over the world.

This invaluable internship program will foster your professional development as you will be trained and certified by our professional Academy instructors. Our intensive International Camp Counselor (ICC) training session focuses on your personal skills development, with the aim to offer you a specific profile-oriented preparation for the role you will perform within the different program areas. Language Coaching, obviously, but also a wide aray of Sports, Adventure activities, Drama or Arts & Crafts. Furthermore, you will obtain a Life Guard Course complementary to the ICC.

All in all, you will get started with a professional complete 7 days training session through which you will be able to considerably broaden your personal skills. Optionally you can also participate in a 1 and a half day First Aid course. Due to all these positive factors obtained by training, plus the experience of an English Coaching placement with Camp Europe , the whole experience will contribute in launching yourself into an international immersion within the Outdoor Education Professional Sector, and we will be proud of having supported you. Every year, we provide hundreds of referral letters to prospective employers who are interested in the certifications with which we provide our participants.

Native English speaking University students travel to Europe, in order to meet with people from many different countries, in order to obtain a 1 week full training and ESL teaching certifications along the way. After the training session is over, you can travel, enjoy and relax until is time for you to show up at your designated campsite to perform as an English Coach, conducting lessons and activities which promote experiential learning.

  • Teach English Abroad.

  • Meet people from all over the globe with like-minded interest.

  • Acquire teaching experience through your own creation of stimulating, fun and safe activities for children and youth.

  • Every summer, many european towns become hosts for International Education & Recreation Outdoor gatherings.

  • A wide variety of Summer Camps and Summer Schools, throughout Europe, offer the opportunity to International students to participate in their programs fullfilling many different roles as staff members.

  • Camp Europe programs are most often bilingual; offered in English as well as in the native language of the host country.


Travel around Europe; locations are concentrated mainly in Germany, England, and N.Ireland.

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If you are 19+ years old Native English Speaker and looking for an amazing ESL teaching summer program, you just have found the perfect place.
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