Master's Degree in Sports & Exercise Science with a specialization Advanced Coaching in Specific Sports in Outdoor Sports
1.5 years (Experiential Learning Module of 6 months included)

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Welcome to a faboulous Master's in Sports and Exercise Science with a specialization Advanced Coaching in Specific Sports in Outdoor Sports where no doubt you will grow as a person, in knowledge and experiential learning. Offered in cooperation between Triagon Academy & CA Academy it covers various aspects of Outdoor Sports and it portrays them into a hands-on program that allows students to develops skills in an integral way. Formed by a very international group of students, it creates a real eclectic environment during the online component of the program and then gathers them all at a fabulous natural setting, close to the thriving city of Hamburg at the Camp Europe locations.

During the practical part of the  Master's program you will enhance skills constantly, will receive training continuously, will perform and guide instruction dynamics, and will be in charge of several leadership projects. Camp Europe is committed to offer you, the chance to dive into a Master's program that will help you to grow as a person and as a professional as this experience will foster your development, certified by a well-reputed European Academy and a world-known Outdoor Education Academy and an Maltese Higher Education Insitution. If you are looking for an amazing Master's in outdoor education program in Europe, you just have found the right spot.

Feel welcome to explore the information provided here below, and if you decide this is something you are up for, go ahead and submit your online application form. We will be glad to receive it, evaluate and process it, in order to assist you with all that is needed for you to become part of our selected students of Master's (M.Sc.) in Sports & Exercise Science with a specialization Advanced Coaching in Specific Sports in Outdoor Sports .The programme focuses on the scientific advancements and complements these with applied methods, primarily focusing on consulting and coaching approaches as well as training theory in the areas of competitive and popular outdoor sports.

The Master's program builds on the previous knowledge from your first degree (at least a bachelor's degree) and expands the necessary skills in the field of outdoor sports.

By the time the summer season gets started, you will be in charge of providing guidance to our spring and summer participants. You will also  have the chance to get immersed into the different management areas of an outdoor education organization, from logistics, administrative roles and accounting, to food & beverage, program planning, etc. 


In sports science, the person is viewed as a whole and accordingly supported in his or her individual goals through training and counseling.

On the one hand, this can be performance enhancement and optimization, and on the other hand, health promotion, maintenance and/or restoration.

By studying the Mater's with Triagon Academy you will get the right tools to successfully support people of all ages in outdoor activities.

Within the framework of the "Master's of Science (M.Sc.) in Sports & Exercise Science with a specialization Advanced Coaching in Specific Sports in Outdoor Sports ", knowledge is transferred into action competence.

As in all other disciplines, a Master's degree improves professional prospects compared to a bachelor's level degree.


During the 18-month length of the program you'll have the chance to learn web-based theory from November until February and go straight into the practicum during the laste-spring / summer term. Also, you´ll have the chance to write down your Master's thesis targeting a practical topic and use the Camp Europe campsites for research purposes.

  • Duration:
  • Full Program: 1.5 years -
    • Start date: Nov 11th, 2021
    • End date: March 11th, 2023
  • The execution of the program is divided into two phases: academic & practical:


Triagon Academy

November - March:


CA Academy

March / April:

  • International Camp Counselor training program
  • First aid & CPR training with “Emergency First Response” guidelines.
  • High Ropes Specialization: 5 day High ropes instructor training according to the ERCA norm (European Ropes Course Association)
  • TOEFL Specialization: 3 day High ropes course instructor assistant training according to the ERCA norm (European Ropes Course Association) and 1 day TOEFL examiner certification
  • Outdoor pedagogical basics, throughout diverse educational program areas (survival, archery, canoeing…)
  • Camp director assistant training program, including administrative tasks such as camp accounting (depending on qualifications).
  • Introduction course to big-size groups meal catering with option to obtain a Food & Beverage license.
  • In-depth preparation for organizing all sort of educational / recreational activities at our international camps.
  • In-depth preparation for logistics management at our international camps.
  • In-depth preparation for camp-site build-up and take-down.

May / June:

  • Program staff at our school group experiential education programs.
  • Drug Prevention Coach Training – In collaboration with the German NGO ““Keine Macht den Drogen”“.* *Available only for German speakers.
  • Bronze-cross Lifeguard Certification Program.
  • Assistant role as support staff during our annual International Camp Counselor training week, with over 140 participants (depending on qualifications)

July / August:

  • Different placements during Summer Camp session, performing as staff responsible at one or various program areas such as camp counseling, high ropes course instructor / assistant, archery specialist, canoeing guide, F&B logistics, catering, camp management assistant for budgeting, accounting and administrative tasks, as well as keeping communication with the head office in Hamburg (depending on qualifications).


  • Instructor at outdoor sports programs.
  • Campsite´s take down after summer sessions and follow-ups.
  • Material & equipment storage and audit.
  • Season-Ending Party organization.


- A Bachelor degree or equivalent (Level 6) in Sports Science or a related field which has been awarded from an accredited university.

- Students with a general Bachelor degree can be accepted after an individual counselling. - For those students whose degree was issued from a non-English instruction university, they must produce evidence of English language proficiency at IELTS:6.0 or equivalents with a minimum of 5.5 in each component, i.e. Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing or English B2 referred to CEFR.

The students with a low IELTS score will get additional support that also includes a free course in English and additional resources as well as individual tutoring.

- If you have completed a degree in another field or are not sure whether your university degree qualifies you for the "Master's of Science (M.Sc.) in Sport & Exercise with a specialization in Advanced Coaching in Outdoor Sports " at Triagon Academy, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you personally and check to what extent admission would be possible for you.

  • Available Time for a full-time practical educational experience in Germany between 03/22 - 10/22

  • Practical exercises take place with children. Certificate of good conduct required.

Charachteristics we look for>

  • Enthusiastic and motivating personality.

  • Good communication and organizational skills.

  • Fraternal social skills.

  • Good English fluency.

  • Tolerance and understanding for other cultures.

  • Responsible, committed as well as high degree of independence.

  • A positive attitude for living in community at an outdoor setting.

  • Minimum age: 21 years old, by June 16th.

  • A class B driver’s license and experience in driving is an asset.

Camp Europe provides full support to those students who are intending to write their papers and case studies based on Outdoor Educational Programs and other topics related to the internship.

Web-enhanced & Experiential Learning

A large part of the practical study achievements aims to apply theoretical knowledge and methods in your professional practice. Your personal development is stimulated by the targeted use of learning and reflection techniques, the exchange with your fellow students in virtual meetings and individual tutorial mentoring with supervision and study coaching.
All modules offer virtual classrooms and webinars via the learning platform. These also include training through workshops, group work, case studies and other interactive teaching methods.

The Mater's program is based on Non-Formal Educational Models, known in the academic research field as EL (Experiential Learning), including but not limited to theoretical & practical instruction, workshops, group dynamics & specific topic sessions.

The scope of training covers a wide range of topics within the Outdoor Educational & Recreational activities spectrum, among we can find, to mention a few:

  • Successful summer camp guidelines

  • Creativity Workshops

  • Alternative Play

  • Adventure Sports

  • Language Development

  • Environmental Awareness

  • Leadership skills

  • Social & Interpersonal Skills.

  • Communication Development

  • Community Building

  • Universal Values

  • International initiatives

What the Master's In Outdoor Sports offers

  • This program is accredited by the Maltese Further and Higher Education Authority MFHEA (License Number: 2018 -021). This study program is accredited at level 7 of the Malta National Qualification Framework and the European Qualification Framework for Lifelong Learning.
  • After the intense academic program, Camp Europe offers the possibility to put into practice what has been learnt, by extending a placement allocation at one or more of its camp sites scattered around Europe.
  • By performing as a group leader, coordinator or program area director, you will have to put into practice all the soft and hard skills accumulated during the initial component of the Masters program


In addition to the Triagon Academy Master's degree you will receive additional certificates during your practicum time with Camp Europe, (i.e. the High Ropes & Survival instructors)

Placement Staffing Positions available throughout the twenty-week placement period.
Placements will be designated and granted upon the performance of each individual throughout the full training and according to needs and skills.
School Trip Program

    • 3 Weeks

  • Outdoor Centre Program

    • 2 Weeks

  • School Trip

    • 2 Weeks

  • F&B + Camp Organization

    • 4 Weeks

  • Specialization Optative Certificate

    • 3 Weeks High Ropes Instructor / Language Coach

  • Technical Camp Director

    • 2 Weeks

  • Support Staff

    • 3 Weeks

  • Rest Periods

    • 3 weeks

Tuitions & Interview Deposit

The entire study program has a price of € 6650

It includes the free room and board provided by Camp Europe and all other certification costs/travel costs that are taken over from Camp Europe in the practical part between march and September.

Tuition fees can be paid by the semester. The Costs are divided as follows:

  • 325 € enrolment fee (payable before the program start)
  • 2000 € for Semester 1 (payable before the program start)
  • 2000 € for Semester 2 (payable at the beginning of Semester 2)
  • 2000 € for Semester 3 (payable at the beginning of Semester 3)
  • 325 € examination fee (payable at the end of Semester 3)

If you need to extend your study time over the regular program duration additional costs may apply.

Pre-Interview Deposit: 75 €

The program Includes

  • Masters in Outdoor Sports Certificate.
  • Accommodation provided throughout the 6 month practicum - Full Room & Board.*except during time off and away from campsite.
  • 20 weeks of Performing Placements.
  • Intensive Outdoor Activities Training.
  • Complementary Leadership Dynamics.
  • Meet people from all over the globe with like-minded interest.
  • Acquire experience through your own creation of stimulating, fun and safe activities for children and youth.
  • Travel around Europe during your time off, as well as by getting placed at diverse campsites across Europe (Austria, Ireland, Spain, and France).
  • Perform either as a Camp Counselor, a Language Coach, a Group Leader or rather a Program Area Director.
  • Receive a well-reputed and world validated Masters certification issued by an accredited European Outdoor Education Academy.
Learn or practice German. Our programs are bilingual, meaning they always run in English as well as in the native host language.


During the 18 months you will go through 9 modules one after the other and finally write a master thesis. Each module has a duration of 4-8 weeks. The module of your thesis extends over a period of 4 months.

The offered modules will be tailored to the special theories and findings regarding outdoor sports. All modules will come from a broader approach in sports science and then specialize into the special considerations that various outdoor sports bring. The combination of the master’s program at Triagon and the Outdoor Education at Camp Europe brings you the optimal combination of both the practical and the theoretical world.

The academic sessions run by Triagon Academy will focus on developing a wide array of soft and hard skills, aimed at fostering specific outdoor sport practices.

Challenges & Trends in Outdoor Sports.

Sport and Exercise is rapidly developing every day. In this module the students reflect on current challenges and trends in outdoor sports dealing with human performance and health related aspects of movement and exercise in outdoor sports and rehabilitation.​

Advanced Journal Club

Journal clubs are educational meetings where individuals meet regularly to critically evaluate recent articles in the scientific literature. They have often been cited as a bridge between research and practice, as they encourage the application of research in outdoor sport and exercise practice.

The key goal of the advanced journal club is to share texts, review literature and discuss current literature and develop skills for evaluating sport and exercise science literature. The ultimate goal of an advanced journal club is to improve core sport scientific competencies by incorporating research findings into practice, stay up to date and improve critical appraisal of literature.

Sport Specific Performance Development & Coaching

This module examines the sport specific individual and age–related

development progresses. The module addresses advanced theoretical

foundations and current issues in psychology, physiology, tactics, techniques,

anthropometry and technology. Students learn to implement the sport specific

demands into their coaching.

Advanced Sport Specific Demands

​ Outdoor Sports contain specific demands for various sports and disciplines as well as for different age and performance levels. This module introduces to specific physiological, psycho-social, cognitive, technical, tactical and anthropometric demands for outdoors sports.

Advanced Case Studies in Outdoor Education

This module will develop a high level of knowledge, decision making and problem-solving skills by using complex cases related to outdoor sport & exercise practice. The scenarios from outdoor sports and outdoor education will present more complex cases than previously covered and will require the student to integrate prior knowledge and experiences with new learnings. ​

Sport Specific Performance Analysis & Scouting

This module provides knowledge and skills in relation to the types, care and uses of outdoor sport specific performance analysis. Students will conduct a range of assessments, record and analyse results and report the findings based on the interaction of theoretical and practical aspects related to exercise and sport assessment and the role of research from various disciplines. The module uses a mixed analytical approach, using qualitative and quantitative methods, to evaluating and improving outdoor sport specific aspects.

Project - Portfolio + Presentation

In this course students will experience a project to continue the transition from a student to a professional and to develop their concept of professionalism and their commitment to health and fitness. For this reason, it is expected that students will take responsibility for their personal professional development and act professionally by making meaningful contributions to the class and in the project settings, and by maximizing the benefits that can be gained from the learning experiences provided in this course.

Action Learning/ Supervised Teaching

The module enables students to undertake an appropriate period of professional action learning/ supervised teaching during the camp adventure camp season and to gain credit for their achievements. The activity can be a professional training, volunteering activity, employment activity, placement, or business start-up activity.

Advanced Research Methods

Research methods enables individuals to appreciate the world we find ourselves in by understanding situations and how they come by. This module has been developed to equip students with advanced practical research skills, develop their quantitative and qualitative analytical skills as well as appreciate the role of theory in our modern world.

The module is also designed to enable students determine how hypothesises are formed and how proper data collection affects the findings of a particular project.

Dissertation in Sport & Exercise Science

The module is framed in terms of a dissertation. The student undertakes an enquiry into a topic of his or her own choice and, based on this enquiry, develops an extended critical study. The module involves individual supervision designed to support the student’s ambitions and confidence in becoming an independent learner, building on techniques and knowledge developed in previous years, and providing scope for initiative and development. The dissertation demonstrates the student’s ability to thoroughly research a topic related to outdoor sports, use appropriate research methods, and work methodically and productively.​

Furthermore, throughout a 6-month period program, you will have the opportunity to put in practice all you will have recently learnt. During this hands-on period (spring/summer), you will lead activities for youth and teens, including, but not limited to;

  • Canoeing
  • Mountain biking
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Orienteering
  • Group initiatives
  • Ropes course experiences

Work Opportunities

The outdoor sports market is booming and major sporting events such as Olympic Games are crowd pullers. But amateur and professional sports are also more popular than ever. Especially in the booming area of outdoor sports and outdoor education, well-trained professionals are needed in order to manage training, rehabilitation and sports science departments. Furthermore sports scientists are also needed in leadership positions in other fields, such as health care, sports tourism, sports medicine, and sports journalism.

The higher your educational degree, the better your career prospects.

As an outdoor sports scientist, you can work in various fields. This depends on your first degree, your focus and also your previous professional activities. Typical areas and career fields for sports scientists are:

- Fitness and health facilities

- Sports clubs and associations

- Sports journalism (television, radio, newspaper, online portal)

- Media industry

- Sports tourism

- Sporting goods manufacturers, sports equipment manufacturers

- Sports related research

- Health care

- Spa and rehabilitation facilities

- School and university

The higher your education level, the better your career prospects.

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