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6-Month Outdoor Education Diploma

Outdoor Education Diploma Experiential l

Welcome to an exciting 6-month Outdoor Education Diploma program where you will find an ultimate life changing experience in Europe, living, learning and coexisting in a very international environment at a fabulous natural setting, close to the thriving city of Hamburg. During your 6-months Outdoor Education Diploma program you will have the opportunity to pump up your outdoor skills by getting loads of training sessions, instruction dynamics, and leadership skills development. Camp Europe is committed to offer you, the chance to embark into an experiential learning process during which you will grow as a human being in many aspects. This invaluable Outdoor Education Diploma program will foster your professional development as you will be trained and certified by a well-reputed European Outdoor Education Provider: Camp Adventure Academy. If you are 21+ years old and looking for an amazing program in Europe, you just have found the perfect place.

So, feel free to explore all the information provided in this page, and if you decide this is something you are up for, go ahead and submit your on line application form. We will be glad to receive it, evaluate and process it, in order to assist you with all that is needed for you to become part of our 6-Month Outdoor Education Diploma Program.

Our intensive training sessions focus on developing a wide array of soft and hard skills, aimed at fostering specific outdoor educational profiles. Furthermore, throughout the 20-week long placements you will have the opportunity to put in practice all you will learn.


You will lead activities for youth and teens, including, but not limited to; rock climbing, canoeing, mountain biking, hiking, camping, orienteering, group initiatives and ropes course experiences. You will be in charge of providing a safe and nurturing environment for our spring and summer participants. You will aslo will have the chance to get immersed into the different management areas of an outdoor Educational organization, from logistics, administrative roles and accounting, to Food & beverage, program planning, etc. This experience, without a doubt, will launch yourself into the professional world in the right direction, full of motivation and well prepared.


  • Duration: 6 months -
    • Start date: March 13th, 2022
    • End date: Sept. 25th, 2022 (extensions possible).
  • The execution of the program is divided into two phases: theoretical & practical:

March / April:

  • International Camp Counselor training program
  • First aid & CPR training with “Emergency First Response” guidelines.
  • High Ropes Specialization: 5 day High ropes instructor training according to the ERCA norm (European Ropes Course Association)
  • TOEFL Specialization: 3 day High ropes course instructor assistant training according to the ERCA norm (European Ropes Course Association) and 1 day TOEFL examiner certification
  • Outdoor pedagogical basics, throughout diverse educational program areas (survival, archery, canoeing…)
  • Camp director assistant training program, including administrative tasks such as camp accounting (depending on qualifications).
  • Introduction course to big-size groups meal catering with option to obtain a Food & Beverage license.
  • In-depth preparation for organizing all sort of educational / recreational activities at our international camps.
  • In-depth preparation for logistics management at our international camps.
  • In-depth preparation for camp-site build-up and take-down.

May / June:

  • Program staff at our school group experiential education programs.
  • Drug Prevention Coach Training – In collaboration with the German NGO ““Keine Macht den Drogen”“.* *Available only for German speakers.
  • Bronze-cross Lifeguard Certification Program.
  • Assistant role as support staff during our annual International Camp Counselor training week, with over 140 participants (depending on qualifications)

July / August:

  • Different placements during Summer Camp session, performing as staff responsible at one or various program areas such as camp counseling, high ropes course instructor / assistant, archery specialist, canoeing guide, F&B logistics, catering, camp management assistant for budgeting, accounting and administrative tasks, as well as keeping communication with the head office in Hamburg (depending on qualifications).


  • Instructor at outdoor education programs.
  • Campsite´s take down after summer sessions and follow-ups.
  • Material & equipment storage and audit.
  • Season-Ending Party organization.


  • Enthusiastic and motivating personality.
  • Good communication and organizational skills.
  • Fraternal social skills.
  • Good English fluency.
  • Tolerance and understanding for other cultures.
  • Responsible, committed as well as high degree of independence.
  • A positive attitude for living in community at an outdoor setting.
  • Minimum age: 21 years old, by June 16th.
  • A class B driver’s license and experience in driving is an asset.
  • Further information:

  • The preparation and implementation of the camp programs are work-intensive. A high degree of resilience and the ability of proactive behavior are key elements in order to cope the stressful moments.
  • Accommodation provided throughout the 6 month diploma program - basic accommodation, shared room, tent or camping caravan.
  • A 75 euro / week stipend is offered during your camp placement performance weeks.
  • Training weeks are not monetarily compensated, however Camp Europe offers all training, equipment and material, plus full room & board free of charge.
  • Camp Europe provides full support to those bachelor or master program students who are intending to write any of their Uni papers based on Outdoor Educational Programs and other topics related to the internship.

Experiential Learning

Our Diploma program is based on Non-Formal Educational Models, known in the academic research field as EL (Experiential Learning).
This Outdoor Education Diploma program is characterized by providing a very intense load of training, including but not limited to theoretical & practical instruction, workshops, group dynamics & specific topic sessions.
The scope of training covers a wide range of topics within the Outdoor Educational & Recreational activities spectrum, among we can find, to mention a few:


  • Successful summer camp guidelines
  • Creativity Workshops
  • Alternative Play
  • Adventure Sports
  • Language Development
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Leadership skills
  • Social & Interpersonal Skills.
  • Communication Development
  • Community Building
  • Universal Values
  • International initiatives

What the program offers

  • After the intense training component of the Diploma program, once having obtained the high-valued certificate, Camp Europe offers the possibility to put into practice what has been learnt, by extending a placement allocation at one or more of its campsites scattered around Europe. By performing as camp counselors, group leaders or program area directors, they will have to put into practice all the soft and hard skills accumulated during the initial component of their Diploma program.
  • NOTE> Placements can only be fully granted after a positive & successful performance during the training course.


The full training accounts for a total of five weeks.

  • Basic International Camp Counsellor Course*
    • 3 days
  • High Ropes Instructor Training/Language Coach+ TOEFL Testing Centre Certificate**
    • 5 Days
  • First Aid Course
    • 2 Days
  • German Food Health Certificate
    • 1 Day
  • Survival & Hike Instructor for Teams
    • 3 Days
  • Kayak and Canoe Instructor
    • 2 Days
  • Slackline Instructor
    • 1 Day
  • Archery Instructor
    • 1 Day
  • Teambuilding Instructor
    • 1 Day
  • Food & Wellbeing (GUT DRAUF)/Cooking for Big Groups
    • 2 Days
  • Accounting, Camp Organization, Social Media
    • 2 Days
  • Health & Hygiene
    • 1 Day
  • No Power to Drugs Prevention Training (limited availability - German)
    • 2 Days
  • Specific Specialized Certificate Optative:
5 Days - High Ropes Instructor Training /Language Coach+ TOEFL Testing Centre Certificate
  • * A training day is usually a combination of theoretical & practical input and does also involve the set up and preparation of the camp location.
** The High Ropes Course Safety Instructor Assistant certificate will be granted after a successful completion of the basic 3-day module. The High Ropes Course Safety Instructor Assistant certificate will be available to all those participants who have successfully completed the 5-days basic/rescue module and a 4-week trial period.


Placement Staffing Positions available throughout the twenty-week placement period.
Placements will be designated and granted upon the performance of each individual throughout the full training and according to needs and skills.
School Trip Program

    • 3 Weeks
  • Outdoor Centre Program
    • 2 Weeks
  • School Trip
    • 2 Weeks
  • F&B + Camp Organization
    • 4 Weeks
  • Specialization Optative Certificate
    • 3 Weeks High Ropes Instructor / Language Coach
  • Technical Camp Director
    • 2 Weeks
  • Support Staff
    • 3 Weeks
  • Rest Periods
3 weeks

Confirmation Deposit

  • The Confirmation Deposit helps us ensure to cover the associated expenses with your application process, training and welcoming you to Germany. The deposit must be submitted upon confirming a preliminary placement offer acceptance.
  • Non Germans must pay:
    • Pre-Interview Deposit: 75 euros - (50 euros for Early Bird Applications) - Reimbursable if CE is unable to extend you a Placement Offer after the interview process.
Confirmation Deposit €500 - Reimbursed upon completion of the program.

The program Includes

  • 6 months Outdoor Education Specialist Diploma Certificate. From mid-March to mid-September.
  • One out of two optative additional certification: High Ropes Course or TOEFL.
  • Accommodation provided throughout the 6 month Outdoor Education Diploma program, - Full Room & Board.*except during time off and away from campsite.
  • 20 weeks of Performing Placements.
  • Intensive Outdoor Activities Training.
  • Complementary Leadership Dynamics.
  • Meet people from all over the globe with like-minded interest.
  • Acquire experience through your own creation of stimulating, fun and safe activities for children and youth.
  • Travel around Europe during your time off, as well as by getting placed at diverse campsites across Europe (Austria, Ireland, Spain, and France).
  • Perform either as a Camp Counselor, a Language Coach, a Group Leader or rather a Program Area Director.
  • Receive a well-reputed and world validated Outdoor Education Diploma certification issued by an accredited European Outdoor Education Academy.
Learn or practice German. Our programs are bilingual, meaning they always run in English as well as in the native host language.

6-Month Outdoor Education Diploma - Application Form